Kite® Documentation

The Kite Suite provides an online testing interface for students that includes formative tools and interactive demos for familiarizing oneself with the interface.The Kite Suite has several components, including:

  • Student Portal, an application students use to take tests
  • Educator Portal, an application that allows educators to enroll students in formative tests, monitor tests, and view reports

Kite Suite features include:

  • Easy-to-use navigation through test items and test sections
  • Built-in tools and accommodations for improved student access
  • The ability to include technology-enhanced and technology-enabled item types for more realistic ways of assessing student skills

CSV Templates

  1. User Upload Template – For adding users to KITE's Educator Portal (Updated 08/06/2015)
  2. Enrollment Upload Template – For adding students and student data to KITE's Educator Portal (Updated 08/06/2015)
  3. Roster Template – For uploading student rosters into KITE (Updated 10/31/14)
  4. Test, Exit and Clear (TEC) Template – For entering test, exit, and clear records related to students